Thursday, January 1, 2015

34 Weeks!

We are one week closer to meeting our little lady!  The holidays are always crazy but there has also been some relaxation.  Mostly due to both Chaz and I having colds but either way, we've been trying to get some good rest.

The bump for sure continues to grow!  I have no clue where the space comes from but if my heart burn is any indication, I am guessing my stomach is being given very little room;)  It's only temporary though so who cares!

Weeks along: 34 (baby seems to be more on track now)

Total weight gain: still hovering somewhere between 16 & 20 (I didn't weigh myself before this party started but I have a general idea.)

I'm feeling: The last couple of days there have been a few moments where I feel scared all of a sudden.  I don't know if it is scared to give birth or scared for the craziness of life after birth but before this week, I had just been very go with the flow.  Looking to play some mind games and get back to the go with the flow mood.  Mikey, my super smart brother said, you know you have a challenge to face.  Face it with positivity and it will go much better then if you face it scared or with a negative attitude.  Sounds like a plan to me!

3 Pros of the week: Having New Years Day off and sleeping in, getting together with some great girlfriends, making lefse all by myself! (I wanted to make sure I could carry on the tradition)

3 Cons of the week:  Heart-burn, swollen feet, cold winter weather.

Best moment of the week: News Years Eve with the husband and family!

To Do list: Look up hospital classes, take some maternity pics, finish closet in nursery

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