Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thankful Thursday...

Crystal Michelles Mess

Fall is coming to the Minnesota.  We have had a few cool days, one down right cold, mixed with some warm/humid/rainy/awkward days.  Today was humid, and in the 80's.  But tomorrow morning we wake up to temperatures in the 60's.

I LOVE fall days filled with brisk weather and changing leaves.  BUT, I am not a fan of snow and ridiculous I am just going to enjoy my fall days and hope they last!  I would love a long fall!  I would be Thankful for that!

But to get to the point of this post!  I wanted to comeback with some things I am thankful for today!

1. Always, always, always, I am thankful for my amazing husband.  I just don't think they come any better!  Such a supportive and loving man.  We seek adventure and always encourage each other's dreams all while loving unconditionally and respecting whole heartedly.  I was blessed with one hell of a life partner!

2. My insanely supportive family.  I can turn to so many people and feel the comfort of home...that is an awesome feeling!

3. PSL

4. Relaxing nights hanging out with good friends.

So happy it's Friday tomorrow!  Looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday!

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