Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Oh it has been a while! I guess summer equals no time to update the blog! I finished finals a little over a week ago so with my free time, I am trying to get outside and work on other projects that took a backseat to my school work. I am actually pretty disappointed in my grade! On all my projects and papers I got 88% or above, most were 94 and 95. My participation in the discussions though left a little to be desired. So even with my bomb project grades, he gave me a 2.0…a C…what the fudge nugget?!?! No one to blame but myself but I for sure thought I did better than that and my grades proved it! And seriously, he never logged on or gave feedback! I think this may be one semester I complete the end of the class feedback questionnaire! The least I can do is spread my opinion, right?!?!?!

And in my free time I am working out more! That really took a backseat the last few weeks of class! I have been running Lake Calhoun which totally inspires and motivates me! I love the atmosphere and people and the motivation to work hard! And we have had some yucky weather but we have also had some really great nights where I have been able to get out and pound the pavement. Last night I even roller bladed, but they will not become a staple workout…I would much rather run!

Chaz and I have started a string of vacations! He just got back from the Boundary waters and had a blast! Of course with no cell phone service to talk to him, I sure missed him while he was away! This weekend we head up to Laura’s cabin in Wisconsin and the weekend after we head to Ohio for Chaz’s family reunion, then both the Durgins and Emma will visit us the following week! August holds a lot of wedding related stuff for me, in regards to Laura’s upcoming nuptials but we hope to also make it to Wisconsin to a wedding of one of Chaz’s family friends!

I would say that this summer I am most looking forward to some good family time and some good friends’ time! There are a host of birthdays to celebrate, a ton of events, and I am loving every minute! Now if only class didn’t start back up in two weeks!

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Julie said...

Sounds like a busy summer for sure! Can't wait for your next travels to Colorado! We miss you!!