Monday, November 2, 2015

The cutest bug ever is over 8 months old!

Much of the month of September, and into October, was spent just hanging out, and continuing to get to know the area.  

You helped dad and grandma unpack!
 You spent lots of time sitting up.
 And being a Packer loving Super Hero!
Dad messed around with mom and posed you so it looked like you could stand up in your crib...I just about had a heart attack thinking you were growing up too fast!
You enjoyed lots of different foods, mostly pureed, but mommy like to push the bounties-dad is quick to correct me.
 You took in Octoberfest, and were a bit upset when dad wouldn't share.

 You love sitting in the seats of carts-you look like such a big girl!
 You spent lots of time with the dogs, especially Jack who we like to call your horse.
 You enjoyed hours in your jumper-you love to jump high and fast.  We think you've already run a marathon with how much you jump.
 For dad's birthday, you took a trip to Las Vegas to meet up with Grandma Terri.

 You loved celebrating daddy's birthday!

And you really loved your time on the strip!

 Then it was time to head home.

We spent a lot of time out doors. 
 And you got your first noticeable booboo....and we still can't figure out how:(
 You used mom as a jungle gym.
 Dad let you roam naked-on more then one occasion!
 You continue to love bath's and playing in the water.
 And hanging around like a cool kid.
 You wore shoes.
 And enjoyed your first pumpkin season!
 You did a lot of hanging out with daddy.
 And shopping for Halloween wear.
 Dad won you a Packer bear in the vending machine.
 And Great Grandma Lainy bought you a push car-which you love!
 You enjoyed dinner outside with your "horse".
 And then before we knew it, another year had passed and we had an eight month old.
Bug, you continue to amaze us.  We are the luckiest parents in the world to be blessed with your fun, spunky, happy personality.

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