Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Month One (very late!)

To my lovely little lady!

You are already well over a month old, but I'll recap your first month as best I can!

We were so lucky to have Grandma Durgin here for over a month.  She helped love you, cuddle you, and she helped keep mom and dad fed!

You had visitors all the time.  Grandma and Grandpa Bonnell pop in almost daily to give you lots of love!

Your proud daddy has introduced you to some of his favorite things...Patagonia, beer, and all things recreational.  You made your first trip to REI within your first few weeks. 

You did have to deal with a case of thrush, but outside of that, you have been a healthy, happy girl.  Your weight, height, and head growth have been awesome!

You're dad took the first three weeks of your life off to be at home with us and we wouldn't trade that time.  We got to really get to know you and adjust to being a family of three.

We also got to have a lot of fun.  Over the past month, there have been a few tears, mostly due to hormones, lack of sleep, and nerves...but those have been few and far between!  We have had a blast with you little lady! 

Happy (very late) One Month Birthday to our little love!  We can't wait to see you grow over the next few months. 


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