Saturday, August 21, 2010

Picking up good habits!

I have read for a while that coffee is good for you. It perks you up before exercise and lowers the risk of heart disease but I was also reading in my Prevention magazine that it lowers your risk of early death, Alzheimer’s and dementia, and diabetes. Bonus! Since I am averaging about two cups a day. I have also been reading a lot about green tea too! There are a boat load of health benefits to drinking green tea, ranging from weight management, cancer prevention, among a host of others. So I went out and bought myself a box! I really like black tea so this is a switch up but it tastes great and I can use some more antioxidants in my life!

Other then picking up a tea habit, life has been pretty normal. Last Saturday was Laura’s bridal shower, the first of a few more. And next Saturday we are celebrating her bachelorette party. It has been busy but fun and so worth it! And our bridesmaid dresses came in which was so exciting! They are beautiful and a great fit! I love them and can’t wait to wear mine on her big day!

Work is going good and after our month of vacations, it has been easy sliding back into a routine! I am already ready to start planning the next vacation however! Hmmm, where to go?!?!?

Chaz will start school again in the beginning of September but I am enjoying having him home as he is so great at keeping the house in order and doing the little errands. I am sure on his end though he is ready for his routine and to have something to challenge him!

The fall is looking pretty busy. We celebrate our one year anniversary, and Chaz’s golden birthday, and we have the wedding of Laura and Dave. All great and wonderful blessings we have to look forward to!

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